Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas 2016 Tea Suggestions

Hello everyone,

Every year I see people asking for recommendations for tea, teaware, books, etc. Here is an easy recommendation list of TEA for people who may not know much about tea, but want to get the hardcore tea lover in their life something that they'll definitely enjoy. These are not definitive rankings of the BEST of each category, but rather awesome things that I highly recommend from personal experience. Note that because these are recommendations from personal experience/preference I am highly biased towards gongfu style brewing (I will recommend one more westernish style teapot though...) and shou puerh because that's what cheap little me just enjoys. :) In later posts I'll do other types of things tea lovers would like and a list of my favorite tea shops as well.
Remember, puerh and aged oolongs can last a long time, but the unroasted oolongs and blacks I've recommended here should not be expected to last for a year or however long without getting a bit unpleasantly bitter and losing flavor. Therefore, do not get any tea lover a ton of them. Personally, I don't really like having more than 300g at a time of tea that I expect to be sitting around for more than three months. I'd recommend you keep any gifts of those teas to 10-50g. That also eliminates the need to get a courtesy tea tin for your tea loving loved one. However especially for puerh, more is more. :P They can take their time drinking them.

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